HYROX Times 2024: All the Stats you Need to Win Big

HYROX Times text with digital stop watch beneath

Wondering if your HYROX time is more “flash” or “flop”?

If you’re a HYROX newbie trying not to finish last or a seasoned pro aiming to beat your own shadow, we’ve crunched the numbers on 2024’s average race times just for you.

Jump into the data feast we’ve prepared and see how your times compare, and more importantly the areas you need to improve.

And don’t forget the impact the right clothing can have on your finishing time!

Average HYROX Times Overview 2024

Compare your own times to the average times set in each division so far in 2024.

Pro MenPro WomenOpen MenOpen WomenDoubles MenDoubles Women
Sled Push3:234:233:032:401:561:44
Sled Pull6:076:425:095:423:184:13
Farmers Carry2:242:412:492:161:321:48
Wall Balls6:145:316:304:454:193:07
Roxzone Time6:435:506:346:295:466:56
Run Total40:3442:1542:5548:3342:4949:31
Total Time1:22:441:27:031:26:421:30:311:15:081:24:20

Sled Push2:112152:482:35
Sled Pull3:313:595:394:12
Farmers Carry1:501:381:492:04
Wall Balls3:565:076:184:45
Roxzone Time6:235:246:066:03
Run Total47:4435:5340:2538:20
Total Time1:21:231:10:041:22:461:17:05

Understanding HYROX Times

In every HYROX event, you are equipped with a timing chip that’s worn around your ankle. This chip records your time throughout the competition, and makes sure your performance metrics are accurately captured.

This information is uploaded to the HYROX ranking page and broken down into the exercise stations and time you took to complete each stage and displayed on the HYROX results page like the image below. You can select elements to narrow down your search such as your division (Pro, Individual, Doubles or Relay), Gender, Age, and Country.

Image of HYROX times from a HYROX race

The timings are displayed in the order that you complete each section in a HYROX as per below;

1km Run,

1000m Ski Erg,

1km Run,

4 x 12.5m Sled Push,

1km Run,

4 x 12.5m Sled Pull,

1km Run,

80m Burpee Broad Jump,

1km Run,

1000m Row

1km Run,

200m Kettlebells Farmers Carry,

1km Run,

100m Sandbag Lunges,

1km Run,

75-100 Wall Balls

HYROX Rankings Explained

The displayed data, taken from the timing chip, includes a breakdown of how you did across the race’s different segments. It allows you to see the duration it took you to complete each part of the event, as well as how your performance ranked against other people globally within your division.

This feature is great for assessing your performance, identifying areas of strength, and pinpointing the bits you need to focus on and do better in.


The following tables show the average finish times so far in 2024,  displayed in the race format, including the 8 x  1km running split times, 8 x exercise stations, time in the Rox zone and overall finish times.

HYROX PRO Men Division Average Times

Running 100:04:45
1000m SkiErg00:04:09
Running 200:04:41
50m Sled Push00:03:23
Running 300:05:20
50m Sled Pull00:06:07
Running 400:05:12
80m Burpee Broad Jump00:04:20
Running 500:05:06
1000m Row00:04:21
Running 600:04:59
200m Farmers Carry00:02:24
Running 700:04:59
100m Sandbag Lunges00:04:34
Running 800:05:36
Wall Balls00:06:14
Roxzone Time00:06:43
Run Total00:40:34
Best Run Lap00:04:28
Overall Time01:22:44

HYROX PRO Women Average Times

Running 100:05:03
1000m SkiErg00:04:56
Running 200:04:53
50m Sled Push00:04:23
Running 300:05:18
50m Sled Pull00:06:42
Running 400:05:22
80m Burpee Broad Jump00:05:16
Running 500:05:22
1000m Row00:04:54
Running 600:05:25
200m Farmers Carry00:02:41
Running 700:05:22
100m Sandbag Lunges00:04:41
Running 800:05:34
Wall Balls00:05:31
Roxzone Time00:05:50
Run Total00:42:15
Best Run Lap00:04:37
Overall Time01:27:03

HYROX Individual Men Average Times

Running 100:05:08
1000m SkiErg00:04:24
Running 200:04:55
50m Sled Push00:03:03
Running 300:05:13
50m Sled Pull00:05:09
Running 400:05:06
80m Burpee Broad Jump00:04:57
Running 500:05:17
1000m Row00:04:51
Running 600:05:33
200m Farmers Carry00:02:49
Running 700:05:45
100m Sandbag Lunges00:05:35
Running 800:06:02
Wall Balls00:06:30
Roxzone Time00:06:34
Run Total00:42:55
Best Run Lap00:04:44
Overall Time01:26:41

HYROX Individual Women Average Times

Running 100:06:19
1000m SkiErg00:05:21
Running 200:05:34
50m Sled Push00:02:40
Running 300:06:51
50m Sled Pull00:05:42
Running 400:06:06
80m Burpee Broad Jump00:04:56
Running 500:05:49
1000m Row00:05:35
Running 600:05:46
200m Farmers Carry00:02:16
Running 700:05:51
100m Sandbag Lunges00:04:18
Running 800:06:21
Wall Balls00:04:45
Roxzone Time00:06:29
Run Total00:48:33
Best Run Lap00:05:09
Overall Time01:30:31

HYROX Doubles Men Average Times

Running 100:06:11
1000m SkiErg00:04:09
Running 200:04:58
50m Sled Push00:01:56
Running 300:05:11
50m Sled Pull00:03:18
Running 400:05:10
80m Burpee Broad Jump00:03:16
Running 500:05:15
1000m Row00:04:22
Running 600:05:20
200m Farmers Carry00:01:32
Running 700:05:17
100m Sandbag Lunges00:03:44
Running 800:05:31
Wall Balls00:04:19
Roxzone Time00:05:46
Run Total00:42:49
Best Run Lap00:04:52
Overall Time01:15:08

HYROX Doubles Women Average Times

Running 100:06:28
1000m SkiErg00:04:40
Running 200:05:52
50m Sled Push00:01:44
Running 300:06:07
50m Sled Pull00:04:13
Running 400:06:23
80m Burpee Broad Jump00:03:46
Running 500:06:18
1000m Row00:05:13
Running 600:06:05
200m Farmers Carry00:01:48
Running 700:06:04
100m Sandbag Lunges00:03:26
Running 800:06:18
Wall Balls00:03:07
Roxzone Time00:06:56
Run Total00:49:31
Best Run Lap00:05:45
Overall Time01:24:20

HYROX Doubles Mixed Average Times

Running 100:05:43
1000m SkiErg00:04:10
Running 200:05:33
50m Sled Push00:02:11
Running 300:05:53
50m Sled Pull00:03:31
Running 400:06:02
80m Burpee Broad Jump00:03:26
Running 500:06:12
1000m Row00:04:35
Running 600:06:11
200m Farmers Carry00:01:50
Running 700:05:56
100m Sandbag Lunges00:03:42
Running 800:06:18
Wall Balls00:03:56
Roxzone Time00:06:23
Run Total00:47:44
Best Run Lap00:05:05
Overall Time01:21:23

HYROX Team Relay Men Average Times

Running 100:04:35
1000m SkiErg00:04:22
Running 200:04:10
50m Sled Push00:02:15
Running 300:04:31
50m Sled Pull00:03:59
Running 400:04:19
80m Burpee Broad Jump00:02:48
Running 500:04:54
1000m Row00:04:27
Running 600:04:16
200m Farmers Carry00:01:38
Running 700:04:23
100m Sandbag Lunges00:04:15
Running 800:04:49
Wall Balls00:05:07
Roxzone Time00:05:24
Run Total00:35:53
Best Run Lap00:03:52
Overall Time01:10:04

HYROX Team Relay Women Average Times

Running 100:05:19
1000m SkiErg00:05:22
Running 200:05:02
50m Sled Push00:02:48
Running 300:05:20
50m Sled Pull00:05:39
Running 400:04:34
80m Burpee Broad Jump00:05:09
Running 500:04:47
1000m Row00:05:11
Running 600:05:36
200m Farmers Carry00:01:49
Running 700:04:50
100m Sandbag Lunges00:04:05
Running 800:05:00
Wall Balls00:06:18
Roxzone Time00:06:06
Run Total00:40:25
Best Run Lap00:04:17
Overall Time01:22:46

HYROX Team Relay Mixed Average Times

Running 100:05:24
1000m SkiErg00:04:53
Running 200:04:37
50m Sled Push00:02:35
Running 300:04:15
50m Sled Pull00:04:12
Running 400:04:42
80m Burpee Broad Jump00:05:21
Running 500:04:31
1000m Row00:04:30
Running 600:04:59
200m Farmers Carry00:02:04
Running 700:04:48
100m Sandbag Lunges00:04:28
Running 800:05:07
Wall Balls00:04:45
Roxzone Time00:06:03
Run Total00:38:20
Best Run Lap00:04:06
Overall Time01:17:05

HYROX World Record Breakers

HYROX Fastest Man

Hunter Mcintyre


HYROX fastest Woman

Lauren Weeks


HYROX Fastest Men Doubles

Michael Sandbach and Hunter Mcintyre


HYROX Fastest Women Doubles

Rebecca Frank and Seka Arning


HYROX Fastest Mixed Doubles

Jacqueline Lippenmeyer and Florian Lippenmeyer


HYROX Fastest Men Relay

Pelayo Menendez Fernandez, Rich Ryan, Dylan Scott, David Magida


HYROX Fastest Women Relay

Linda Meier, Beatrice Ardelt, Antje Hardes, Viola Oberländer


HYROX Fastest Mixed Relay

Daniela Couto, Maria Fecik, Tiago Lousa, Diogo Freitas


Setting Realistic Expectations

If you’re just starting out, it’s important to you have realistic expectations about your HYROX times. Your finishing time in a HYROX race is influenced by a ton of factors, ranging from your current fitness level, experience in similar events, race day nerves, sleep, nutrition etc, the list goes on. Just finishing your first race can be something to be proud of.

Fitness Level

Your physical conditioning plays a huge role in how you tackle the HYROX stations. The more practise your body has in the movements each station requires, the quicker and more efficiently you’ll complete each station.


There’s no substitute for experience. Veterans of HYROX events, and those with a background in similar endurance and functional fitness competitions, will have a strategic edge.

They understand how to pace themselves, when to push hard, and how to conserve energy for the later stages of the race.

If you’re new to HYROX, your initial times will reflect your learning curve, learn to listen to your body and when to ease off or ramp up your effort without burning out.

While it’s natural to look up to the crazy course records of Hunter Mcintyre and Lauren Weeks and the unbelievable times they set, it’s important to ground your expectations in your current reality.

These record times serve as an insight of what’s possible, showcasing the pinnacle of human performance in the HYROX world. Use them to inspire and motivate you to what is possible.

However, diving headfirst into your HYROX journey with the expectation of matching or outperforming these elite times can be a recipe for disappointment. Instead, focus on setting personal goals that challenge you yet are attainable based on your fitness level, experience, and familiarity with the course.

Celebrate your own milestones and progress, no matter how little they can seem, compared to the top athletes and make sure you have the right footwear to get you through.

As you grow in HYROX, gradually increase your performance bar. Over time, with consistent training and experience, you’re gonna surprise yourself with how much you can achieve. Let the exceptional times inspire you, but let your personal progress be your guide and source of pride.

Training Tips for HYROX

To smash your race, your HYROX training should be a blend of endurance and strength training. This will make sure you’re as prepared to nail the 8 x 1km runs as you are to glide through the heavy sled push and pulls.

You’ll want to follow a structured HYROX training plan, focusing equally on building your stamina and bolstering your muscle for the functional challenges.

Mastering the art of pacing during the running segments can make or break your race, so absorb tips on finding that sweet spot in your stride that keeps you moving efficiently from start to finish.

It’s good practise to keep on top of all the ways to improve your fitness outside of HYROX.

Wrapping Up

So there you have it, the average times and fastest HYROX times in the world. Use these times to see where you currently sit in each area of your race and work out what sections you need to focus on the most to improve your overall performance.

Shaving off a few seconds here and there all adds up and before you know it you could be on the elite rankings!

Now get out there, smash your training and sign up for your next race!


What is the average time for the men’s HYROX race?

The average finish time for men in a HYROX race typically falls around 90 minutes. However, times can vary based on the fitness level and experience of the participants.

What is a good row time for HYROX?

A competitive rowing time in HYROX for the 1km rowing segment is approximately 3 to 4 minutes for both men and women. Achieving a time in this range is indicative of strong performance.

What is the men’s time at HYROX?

The best men’s times for completing a HYROX race often come in under 60 minutes. These top times are achieved by elite athletes with extensive training and preparation.

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