What is HYROX Relay? The Complete Beginners Guide

Image showing 2 men and 2 women celebrating the completion of a Hyrox Relay

So you’re into running and smashing out a gym workout? Ever thought about stepping it up with a HYROX Relay Race?

Nope, it’s not a new energy drink. It’s the team race that makes marathons look like a stroll in the park.

We’re unpacking it all—the who’s who, the do’s and don’ts, and the “how bloody heavy are those weights?”

Fancy swapping your lonely treadmill time for some team triumph?

Stick around; this is where the fun starts.

The HYROX Divisions

Hyrox offers four categories:

  • Hyrox Open: Ideal for beginners and casual fitness levels.
  • Hyrox Individual Pro: For advanced athletes looking for a serious challenge.
  • Hyrox Doubles: Compete with a partner, share the workload, and challenge as a pair
  • Hyrox Relay Teams: A team of four, each member completes two rounds.

Who Can Compete in the HYROX Relay

4-person team Competition, open to everyone.

The only condition, you must be over 16 years old.

HYROX Global Events: How to Find your Race and Register

Hyrox is rapidly expanding its footprint, hosting events in cities across the globe, from the United States to Europe and beyond. Each event maintains the same rigorous standards, ensuring that your time and performance are comparable no matter where you compete.

Find your race, register at HYROX.com and you’re in!

What to Expect on HYROX Race Day

Race day at a HYROX event is a rush of adrenaline and excitement. As a participant, you’ll need to arrive at least two hours before your wave is set to begin.

After checking in, you’ll receive your timing chip and competitor number, then you’ll have access to changing facilities and a designated area to store your belongings.

A warm-up zone, complete with the necessary equipment, allows you to prime your muscles before the start.

Once the race begins, you’ll navigate through the 1km runs and functional exercise stations. Spectators cheer, music pulses, and the atmosphere unbelievable, making it a day you will never forget.

HYROX Divisions and Ranking

The Relay is split into 3 divisions;

Women – 4 x Women

Men – 4 x Men

Mixed – 2 x Women and 2 x Men

Age Categories

U40 or 40+ worked out by the average age of the team on the day of the event.

For example, if your team member ages at the date of the event were 20, 35, 40, and 45, your team average age would be (20+35+40+40)/4 = 35.

The average age of the team is 35 and so would be entered into the U40 Age Category


Performance is ranked from fastest to slowest within the age category you run.

Penalties for incorrect movement standards, rep range, etc. may added to the final time up to 48hrs after the event so keep an eye online for any changes up to the 48hr mark.

The HYROX Race Format

The Stations must be completed in the correct HYROX order as below;

1km Run,

1000m Ski Erg,

1km Run,

4 x 12.5m Sled Push,

1km Run,

4 x 12.5m Sled Pull,

1km Run,

80m Burpee Broad Jump,

1km Run,

1000m Row,

1km Run,

200m Kettlebells Farmers Carry,

1km Run,

100m Sandbag Lunges,

1km Run,

100 Wall Balls

How the Workout is split between the 4 Relay Members

Each Relay member must complete a 2 x 1km run and 2 x workout stations. You can complete your exercises back to back or split them.

Each member must always start with a 1km followed by 1 functional fitness station.

For example, member 1 could complete 1km run, 1000m Ski Erg, 1km run and 50m Sled Push before tapping member 2 in, who completes 1km run, 50m Sled Pull, 1km run and 80m Burpee Broad Jump before tapping in member 3.

Diagram showing how the Hyrow Relay Workout can be split between the 4 Relay Members

Alternatively, member 1 could spilt their stations and do just the 1km run and 1000m Ski Erg, pass to the next partner who completes their 1km run, 50m Sled Push, 1km run and 50m Sled Pull before tapping the first partner back in to complete 1km run and 80m Burpee Broad Jumps before passing to member 3.

Diagram showing variation on how the Hyrow Relay Workout can be split between the 4 Relay Members

In both examples above each relay member has completed their 2 x 1km runs and 2 x Exercise stations.

HYROX Transitions

Once a team member has completed their workout they must run into the Transition Zone and tap the next member who will run out and complete their section of the race.

If a team member decides to do their 2 x 1km runs and workouts in a row, they must still run through the transition zone before moving to the next workout to maintain the same distance covered.

The HYROX Weights at a Glance

As you enter the workout section a judge will assign you the lighter or heavier weights to use for that exercise.

The weights at a glance are as follows;

A table showing the Hyrox Relay Workout Weights for men and women


HYROX Workout Station Rules

  • Do all exercises in the right order.
  • Follow the rules for each exercise
  • Start and stop at the right spots for each exercise station.
  • Hit the needed number of reps or distance.
  • Use the right weight, in kg or lbs.

HYROX Individual Movement Standards, Weights, Distances and Repetitions

Any deviation from the standards below results in a no rep or time/distance penalty.

The judges assign equipment and lanes to be used.


The running distance is always 1km, and depending on the venue this will be split into 2-4 running laps.

At some venues, the first/last running lap may not be exactly 1km due to a staggered start. In this case, the missing meters will be balanced out during the last lap.

There is a line dividing the running course into two speed zones: fast lane, and regular speed. Faster athletes run in the fast lane and slower athletes in the regular speed lane.

1km of running repeated 8 times through the race

Transition Zone

The Transition Zone (TZ) is where the member exchange takes place. Up until
the actual exchange, only one team member is allowed in this zone per RELAY Team.

The member who is up next is only allowed to enter shortly before the exchange. No loitering is allowed in this zone.

It is the responsibility of each RELAY Team to make sure their team members get into the TZ on time.

Once a member has finished his/her workout station, they must run into the TZ to meet with the member who is up next.

IMPORTANT: If a member performs 2 runs and workouts back to back, they must run through the TZ after each workout to register on the timing chip.

The exchange must be done in the following way:
Team member 1 finished the workout and enters the TZ. He/she then taps in team member 2. This is the signal for member 1 to leave the TZ as fast as possible.

Member 2 can only leave the TZ and start their run once they have been tapped by member 1.

This is the only time that 2 members of the same team are allowed to be in the TZ.
The TZ is located inside the Roxzone and can be entered from the spectator area by passing the crossing point.

The exact location of the Transition Zone will be posted at the event and marked in the venue map.

Ski Erg

  • Before initiating the workout, the monitor must be reset by an official referee.
  • During the exercise, the athlete’s feet must remain on the SkiErg platform, although lifting the feet is permitted.
  • Upon completing 1000m, the athlete is required to raise an arm to signal a referee for distance confirmation.
  • The athlete may only exit the platform and station after receiving approval from the referee.
  • Non-compliance with any of these rules will result in a time penalty, determined by the Head Judge.
  • The ergometer’s damper setting will be preset to 6

Sled Push

  • Both sled and athlete must be fully behind the line before starting.
  • The sled must always pass the 12.5 m mark (end of lane) entirely before pushing back.
  • Once 4x 12.5 m lengths are completed with the entire sled passing the line, the station is complete.
  • A penalty of 3 minutes per missing lane is awarded if the athlete fails to complete the full 4 lengths.

Distance:4 x 12.5 m (unless penalties are assessed)

Female Weight: 102 kg incl. Sled

Male Weight: 152 kg incl. Sled

Sled Pull

  • Both the sled and the athlete need to be entirely behind the starting line before beginning.
  • After pulling the sled beyond the 12.5m mark, the athlete must then change sides to pull it back.
  • The athlete is required to stand while pulling the sled; sitting or kneeling is not allowed.
  • The athlete must stay within their designated area, known as the Athlete’s Box, at either end of their lane. Crossing the boundary lines is not permitted.
  • The athlete is responsible for keeping their rope within their own lane and ensuring it doesn’t interfere with adjacent lanes.
  • The station is deemed complete once the athlete finishes four 12.5m lengths and the full sled crosses the start/finish line.
  • Any violation of these rules results in an invalidated pull, and a second warning incurs a 5m penalty that the athlete must pull back.
  • A penalty of 3 minutes per missing lane is awarded if the athlete fails to complete the full 4 lengths.

Distance: 4 x 12.5 m (unless penalties are assessed)

Female Weight: 78 kg incl. Sled

Male Weight: 103 kg incl. Sled

Burpee Broad Jump

  • The exercise commences with the athlete performing a burpee.
  • Hands should be placed behind the start line, no more than a foot’s length from the feet, and must stay in position once set.
  • In the bottom phase, the athlete’s chest must make contact with the ground.
  • The athlete then rises and leaps forward, ensuring both feet lift and land together. No steps or shuffles are allowed post-landing.
  • When getting up from the ground, the feet must not extend beyond the fingertips.
  • The athlete determines the distance of each broad jump.
  • Moving forward between each repetition is not allowed.
  • The station is considered complete when the athlete successfully jumps over the finish line.
  • Failing to adhere to these rules results in an invalidated repetition, with a second warning leading to a 5m penalty distance.
  • Distance 80 m (unless penalties are assessed)


  • Before the workout begins, a referee must reset the monitor.
  • Athletes must place their feet in the rower’s foot holders before gripping the rower handle and keep them there throughout the workout.
  • Once the designated distance is covered, the athlete should lift an arm to signal a referee for distance verification.
  • The athlete is only permitted to exit the platform and station after the referee confirms the completion.
  • Failure to comply with these rules results in a time penalty, determined by the Head Judge based on the specific violation.
  • The ergometer’s damper setting will be pre-adjusted to 6.

Kettlebell Farmers Carry

  • The kettlebell Farmers Carry starts and concludes by picking up/putting down the kettlebells in the designated zone adjacent to the start/finish line.
  • Athletes must hold both kettlebells while in motion.
  • Both arms must be fully extended at the athlete’s sides while carrying the kettlebells.
  • Resting by setting down the kettlebells is permitted, provided they don’t advance forward upon placement.
  • The station is deemed complete when the kettlebells are carried over the finish line and returned to the designated area.
  • Non-compliance with these rules incurs a time penalty, the duration of which is decided by the Head Judge based on the infraction.

Distance: 200m

Female Weight: 2 x 16kg

Male Weight: 2 x 24kg

Sandbag Lunges

  • The Sandbag Lunge starts and finishes by picking up and putting down the sandbag in the designated zone near the start/finish line.
  • The athlete is required to lift the sandbag unaided and position it over both shoulders.
  • Athletes must stand fully upright behind the line before initiating the first lunge.
  • Each lunge must have the rear knee make distinct contact with the ground.
  • Knees and hips must be fully straightened to complete each repetition.
  • Lunges must be performed in an alternating manner, with alternate knees touching the ground.
  • Athletes may either lunge continuously or pause between lunges, with feet parallel on the ground.
  • No stepping or shuffling between lunges is allowed.
  • The station is considered done when the athlete lunges past the finish line and places the sandbag back in the designated area.
  • Any rule violations result in an invalidated repetition, and a second warning incurs a 5m penalty.
  • The sandbag must remain on both shoulders throughout the activity. Setting it down will result in a 5m penalty, and a second instance will lead to disqualification.
  • Distance 100m (unless penalties are assessed)
  • Weight FEMALE 10 kg
  • Weight MALE 20 kg

Distance: 100m

Female Weight: 10kg

Male Weight: 20kg

Wall Balls

  • The athlete begins in an upright position, gripping the wall ball with both hands.
  • To complete a repetition, the athlete squats and then throws the ball at the specified target while rising.
  • Every throw must accurately hit the designated target in the center, 2.7m target for women, 3m target for men.
  • After hitting the target, the athlete may either catch the ball to start the next movement or let it fall to the ground before standing upright to begin again.
  • In the squat’s lowest point, the hips must go below the level of the knees (below 90 degrees).
  • A box may be used at the referee’s judgment to ensure adequate squat depth.
  • Failure to adhere to these guidelines renders the repetition a no rep.

Female Target Height: 2.7m

Male Target Height: 3m

Female Weight: 4kg

Male Weight: 6kg

Reps: 100 (Female and Male)

When the member hits 80+ wall balls, the rest of the team can join and encourage them.

Once the final wall balls are completed, the team run together to the finish line. The member who completed the wall balls must cross the line first.

Full Relay Rule Book can be found at Hyrox.com

HYROX Relay World Record Champions

The following world record times were set in 2023 and are the times to chase if you wat to be the best of the best:

Mens Relay Record (Munchen 2023)

Martin Michelius, Tim Wenisch, Florian Gast and Clemens Scherbel

Time: 00:50:19

Womens Relay Record (Munchen 2023)

Linda Meier, Beatrice Ardelt, Antje Hardes and Viola Oberländer

Time: 00:55:15

Mixed Relay Record (Madrid 2023)

Daniela Couto, Maria Fecik, Tiago Lousa and Diogo Freitas

Time: 00:52:21

Wrapping Up

So there you have it, the ‘pub crawl’ of fitness where you’re hopping from one sweaty station to another, but without the hangover.

You can drag your mates into it. Everyone gets a turn. Some will run and push sleds, and some will run and make sandbags their new mortal enemy.

You don’t have to be the next Usain Bolt or Arnold Schwarzenegger to join. Teamwork’s the key.

Mates that sweat together, win together.

If it all sounds like your sort of thing, sign up to the next HYROX fitness race near you and ensure you are kitted out with the right clothing to compete. 

And if you’re new to HYROX try our 6 Week HYROX Training Plan for Beginners to get you started.

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