7 Best HYROX Equipment items to Smash the Race in 2024!

So, you’ve signed up for a HYROX race, got your HYROX clothing and now you’re looking for the best HYROX equipment to totally dominate!

Let’s be clear: second rate equipment won’t cut it. We’re diving into the world of top-tier HYROX equipment that will give you a competitive edge.

From 20+ years in fitness and countless hours of testing, I’ve identified the 7 essential pieces of HYROX equipment you need to excel in 2024.

The guide below highlights the items that made the biggest impact for me, based on extensive testing and research. Consider it your ultimate resource for unbeatable performance and functionality.

Enough talk; let’s get straight to the good stuff..

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The 7 Essential Pieces of HYROX Equipment

When training for your race, the right HYROX equipment can make all the difference. Here’s a detailed look at the essential equipment you’ll need, their features, benefits, and the pros and cons of each.

1. Rowing Machine

The Concept2 rowing machine is a staple in HYROX competitions, used for the 1,000m rowing segment.

OUR Pick
Image of the Concept 2 Rowing Machine used in HYROX Rowing

Concept 2 Rower

  • Length: 244 cm
  • Width: 61 cm
  • Seat Height: 36 cm

Price Range

  • £1000 to £1200 / $1250 – $1500 / €1150 – €1380

Key Benefits

  • Total Body Engagement: Targets legs, core, back, and arms, building the comprehensive strength and endurance needed for HYROX events​.
  • Robust Construction: Made from commercial-grade materials, ensuring long-term durability and reliability even with intense use​.
  • Smart Performance Tracking: PM5 monitor tracks distance, speed, pace, calories, and watts. Bluetooth connectivity allows for seamless integration with fitness apps​.
  • Customisable Resistance: Adjustable air resistance system allows for varied workout intensities, suitable for all training needs.
  • User-Friendly Design: Easy to assemble, maintain, and store. Can be quickly disassembled into two parts for convenient storage and transport


  • High Durability
  • Comprehensive Data Tracking
  • Versatile Resistance
  • Easy to make and store


  • Noisy at max effort

Our Lowdown

The Concept 2 RowErg is definitely worth the investment if you’re looking to take your HYROX training to the next level.

It’s the smoothest and highest rated HYROX rower on the market for a reason.

The adjustable resistance makes it easy to tweak the difficulty of your row.

The fan generates noise at max effort but is also a nice cooling feature.

If you can afford the Concept 2 Rower, their is no better substitution to the actual machine.

2. Ski Erg

The HYROX SkiErg, specifically the Concept2 model, is used for the 1,000m ski portion in HYROX. It mimics the motion of cross-country skiing, providing a full-body workout.

OUR Pick
The Concept 2 SkiErg used in HYROX SkiErg

Concept 2 SkiErg

The Official SkiErg used in HYROX

Price Range

  • £800-£1000 / $1000-$1300 / €950-€1200

Key Benefits

  • Full-Body Workout: Targets quads, glutes, back, calves, shoulders, abdominals, and arms, building the strength and endurance needed for HYROX events​.
  • Versatile Training: Offers interval training, set distances, and calorie goals to match HYROX demands.
  • Joint-Friendly: Low-impact exercise that’s easy on your knees and ankles, allowing you to train harder and longer without injury​.
  • Space-Saving: Wall-mountable to keep your workout area uncluttered, or use the portable floor stand.​​
  • Progress Tracking: PM5 Monitor tracks key metrics and syncs with fitness apps, helping you monitor and improve your performance​.


  • High-strength cords and a solid frame.
  • Adjustable Resistance
  • Data Tracking
  • Full-Body Engagement


  • Noisy during intense workouts

Our Lowdown

In my opinion, the Concept 2 SkiErg is an excellent investment for HYROX training. Its ability to provide a comprehensive full-body workout while being easy on the joints makes it a standout piece of kit.

The advanced screen mean you can track your progress accurately and make informed tweaks to your training plan.

While the price is on the higher side, the exact race conditions, durability and functionality justify the investment.

If you’re serious about improving your HYROX performance, the SkiErg’s benefits make it a must have..

3. Kettlebell

The farmer carry Kettlebell used over the 200m distance

OUR Pick
HYROX Equipment - Official HYROX Kettlebell

HYROX Octo Kettlebells

Available Weights

  • 16 kg / 35.3 lb
  • 24 kg / 52.9 lb
  • 32 kg / 70.5 lb

Price Range

The Centr Competition Octo Kettlebell is priced as follows:

  • 16 kg: £99 / $125 USD / €114
    24 kg: £130 / $165 USD / €150
    32 kg: £155 / $195 USD / €179

Key Benefits

  • Versatile Design: The unique eight-sided shape ensures even weight distribution, making it ideal for the HYROX Farmer’s Carry.
  • Durable Construction: Forged from high-quality cast iron and coated with commercial-grade urethane, this kettlebell is built to withstand heavy use and resist damage.
  • Secure Grip: The hard chrome-plated steel handle provides a secure grip.
  • Competition Ready: Meets all competition specifications, making it suitable for both training and actual HYROX competitions. Available in three weights (16 kg, 24 kg, 32 kg) to accommodate different race categories and training needs.


  • Octo Shape for Better Balance
  • High Durability
  • Excellent Grip
  • Competition Grade


  • Octo Shape Limits Versatility of Other Kettlebell Workouts

Our Lowdown

These Kettlebells are a great bit of kit. The balanced weight distribution and secure grip make them feel more stable when completing you farmer carries.

Given their lower price range and unique design and feel I highly recommend a set to train with a smash your next 200m Kettlebell Farmers Carry.

4. Sandbags

The HYROX equipment used in the 100m Sandbag Lunges

OUR Pick
HYROX Equipment - Official HYROX Sandbag

HYROX Sandbags

Available Weights

  • 10 kg / 22 lb
  • 20 kg / 44 lb
  • 30 kg / 66 lb

Price Range

The Centr x HYROX Competition Sandbag is priced as follows:

  • 10 kg: $109 USD / €119.95 EUR
  • 20 kg: $125 USD / €139.95 EUR
  • 30 kg: $149 USD / €159.95 EUR

Key Benefits

  • Durability: Made from Cordura® nylon with double-stitched seams, these sandbags are designed to withstand rigorous workouts and offer long-lasting performance.
  • Versatility: Equipped with seven non-slip nylon handles, the sandbag allows for a variety of grips and exercise options, enhancing your training flexibility.
  • Secure Closure: The inner filler bags come with a dual heavy-duty Velcro® locking system to prevent sand leakage and protect against moisture, ensuring the sandbags remain functional in all conditions.
  • Tailored for HYROX: Specifically engineered for HYROX competitions, these sandbags help athletes train for events like Sandbag Lunges, replicating race-day conditions.


  • Multiple Handles
  • Moisture Protection
  • High Durability


  • Have to add the sand yourself

Our Lowdown

Once you get over the faff of having to fill the sandbag you instantly realise why this is a higher price range bag. The build quality and comfort on your shoulders is felt straight away.

You’ll do fine training with a normal sandbag, but if your budget allows it’s worth investing in these.

5. Wall Balls

The balls use in the HYROX Wall Ball Station. They are typically 6-9 kg in weight and are made to withstand repeated impacts.

OUR Pick
HYROX Equipment - Official HYROX Wallballs

HYROX Wallballs

Available Weights

  • 4 kg / 8.8 lb
  • 6kg / 13.2 lb
  • 9 kg / 19.8 lb

Price Range

  • 4 kg: £69.99 / $79 USD / €70.95 EUR
  • 6 kg: £78.99 / $89 USD / €80.95 EUR
  • 9 kg: £86.99 / $99 USD / €90.95 EUR

Key Benefits

  • Durability: Made with a double-stitched PVC outer shell, this wall ball is designed to withstand intense training sessions and maintain its shape even after repeated use.
  • Grip and Control: The non-slip, scuff-resistant vinyl shell provides a consistent feel and reliable grip, which is crucial for executing precise movements during HYROX competitions.
  • Weight Distribution: Engineered for even weight distribution, the wall ball maintains its overall shape and balance, ensuring consistent performance throughout your workouts.
  • Versatility: Available in multiple weights (4 kg, 6 kg, 9 kg), it allows athletes to progressively increase their training intensity and adapt to different exercises.


  • Non-Slip Grip
  • Balanced Weight
  • Double Stitched Outter Shell


  • Regularly Out of Stock

Our Lowdown

CENTR x has developed another great piece of HYROX equipment.

The extra grip from the vinyl shell and consistent weight distribution it keeps my maintaining it’s shape after countless wall balls (and wall misses!) make this a solid contender when working through your budget.

6. Sled

HYROX includes both sled push and sled pull exercises. The sled used in competitions is robust and designed to handle varying levels of weight.

OUR Pick
The official Sled used in HYROX competition


Sled used in all HYROX races.

Length – 102 cm / 40.2 in, Width – 60 cm / 23.6 in

Price Range

The Centr x HYROX Competition Power Sled is priced at £400 – £500

Key Benefits

  • Efficient Training: Designed with five poles and textured grips, the sled ensures proper hand placement, mirroring competition standards. This design optimises your sled push and pull training.
  • Durability: Built from commercial-grade steel, the Centr Sled is engineered to withstand intense use, meaning it’ll last the distance in both your home and gym environments​.
  • Aerodynamic Design: Its sleek build means minimal friction caused on HYROX turf, maximising your training efficiency.
  • High Capacity: The central pole can hold over 150KG / 330 LBs of bumper plates, allowing you to progressively increase your training load as your strength improves.


  • Optimised for HYROX
  • Good Grip
  • High load range


  • Large training area required

Our Lowdown

A great bit of HYROX equipment to mimic and train race conditions​ for both your sled push and sled pulls.

The draw back is you’ll need a large storage area and an even larger training area to justify the cost of this bit of kit.

Check the dimensions you have to work with before investing.

7. Sled Pull Rope

The sled pull rope, such as the Centr x HYROX Power Rope, is essential for the sled pull exercise in HYROX,15 meters long with yellow marks at 3m intervals.

OUR Pick
HYROX Equipment - HYROX Sled Pull rope with 3m yellow markings

HYROX Sled Pull Rope

15m long with Yellow markings every 3 meters

Price Range

The Centr x HYROX Power Rope is priced at approximately £200 – £300

Key Benefits

  • Progress Tracking: The rope features yellow markings every three meters along its 15-meter length, making it easy to gauge your progress during sled pulls.
  • Durability: Made from tightly-woven, fray-proof Dacron® polyester, this rope is built to withstand intense training sessions and last for the long haul.
  • Enhanced Grip: Equipped with no-slip handles, the rope gives a firm grip, even under max effort.
  • Versatile Use: The solid steel hook allows for easy attachment to the Centr x HYROX Power Sled.


  • Clear Markings
  • Strong Grip
  • Easy Attachment


  • High Price Range for Training Rope

Our Lowdown

As with the Centr Sled, this is a great bit of HYROX equipment but at the bottom of the list because of it’s high price range and limited use if you have a small training environment.

If you have the space and the budget I would definitely consider it as it provides the closest to HYROX race condition training experience that you can buy for the Sled Pulls.

Wrapping Up

Having the right HYROX equipment makes a huge difference in your training regime (at home or in the gym).

While the official equipment guarantees consistency and competition readiness, reputable alternatives can offer affordability and availability.

You’ll want to work out your budget, areas you lack in the most, and kit you don’t have available in your gym.

Once you’ve done this, pick an array of kit to suit your needs.

The official equipment is going to be your best option as it allows you to train with exactly what you’ll have in front of you on race day, but generally comes at a higher price tag.

Be sure to choose gear that best supports your training needs and goals without making you broke. Then get out there, train your butt off with your shiny new HYROX equipment and smash your next HYROX race!


What equipment do you need for HYROX?

To train effectively for a HYROX race, the HYROX equipment you’ll need is:

What to wear for HYROX?

For a HYROX race, wear:

  • Comfortable Running Shoes: Preferably those with good grip and support.
  • Breathable Clothing: Go for lightweight and moisture-wicking fabrics.
  • Compression Gear: Consider compression shorts or leggings to reduce muscle fatigue.
  • Sweatbands: To keep sweat out of your eyes​.

How heavy is a HYROX sled?

The weight of a HYROX sled varies by division:

  • Women’s Open: 78 kg (172 lbs)
  • Men’s Open: 103 kg (227 lbs)
  • Women’s Pro: 103 kg (227 lbs)
  • Men’s Pro: 153 kg (337 lbs)​

Who is the equipment partner of HYROX?

As of 2024, the official HYROX equipment partner is Centr. They provide a range of specialised equipment designed for HYROX training and competitions, including sleds, sandbags, and kettlebells​.

What should I bring to HYROX?

When attending a HYROX race, bring:

  • ID and Registration Confirmation
  • Running Shoes and Gym Clothes
  • Water Bottle
  • Heart Rate Monitor
  • Snacks or Energy Gels
  • Towel and Change of Clothes (Note: Shower facilities may not be available)
  • Training Rack: If you are bringing multiple pieces of equipment to the gym or event, a portable rack can be very helpful (HYROX)​.

How many times a week should I run for HYROX?

For optimal HYROX training, it is recommended to run 3-4 times a week. This helps build the necessary endurance and complements the functional training aspects of the sport.

Consistent running ensures you are well-prepared for the cardiovascular demands of a HYROX race​.

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