5 Best Anime Knee Sleeves in 2024!

Image of man lifting a heavy deadlift weight with Anime Knee Sleeves next to him to highlight the Best Anime Knee Sleeves on the market

Ever wanted your gym gear to channel the raw energy of Goku or the ninja agility of Naruto?

How about turning your knee sleeves, wrist wraps or lifting belt into a canvas that screams your love for Rengoku? 

The good news is you don’t have to pick between your devotion to anime and your love for squats. You can have them both!

Imagine setting a new personal best in powerlifting while the Akatsuki Cloud graces your knee as if you’ve borrowed a smidge of the group’s sinister power.

Or maybe you’ll feel the spiritual lift of Naruto’s sage mode while lowering into that demanding squat.

And remember, just like Goku’s Senzu Beans, a top-notch knee massager and compression knee massager can work wonders to rejuvenate your battle-worn knees!

Read on as we reveal the 5 Best Anime Knee Sleeves that are both otaku-approved and joint-friendly!


The Top 5 Anime Knee Sleeves

No. 1 – Rogue Custom (3, 5 and 7mm)


Rogue Custom

JJR Rating: 9.9

Ideal For: HYROX, CrossFit, Functional Training, Weight Lifting, Power Lifting

Sizes: XS – XL

Thickness(mm): 3, 5 & 7mm

Material: SBR & Neoprene

Key Benefits

  • Custom Design – Literally upload any image you want
  • High-level Comfort with SBR/Neoprene blend
  • Quality assured by an industry-leading company


Approximate Price – $85, £70


  • Unlimited Design Options
  • Great Comfort
  • 3, 5 & 7mm thickness options
  • Good Range of Motion


  • Top Price Bracket

My Take on These Sleeves

Rogue is the lead brand in CrossFit and for good reason. The premium materials and design lead to a comfortable and supportive sleeve. They offer the best in unique or custom design options. The thickness options and quality assurance make these the No.1 Anime Knee Sleeves. Perfect for adding your Kyojuro Rengoku designs.

No. 2 – Naruto – Anbu Pro Sleeves

BEst Anime Sleeves for Powerlifting

Anbu Pro Sleeves

JJR Rating: 9.5

Ideal For: Weight Lifting, Powerlifters

Sizes: S – 2XL

Thickness(mm): 7mm

Material: Hyperweave Neoprene

Key Benefits


Approximate Price – $101, £83


  • Heavy Compression
  • Good Bounce Back
  • Excellent Knee Support
  • Good Warmth


  • Top Price Bracket
  • Hard To Put On & Take Off

My Take on These Sleeves

Great-designed sleeves that give you maximum support for heavier lifting. Don’t go for these if your workout requires high mobility and range of motion as the added support causes restricted movement. Bring your ‘Inner Ninja’ to your next lift with these Anbu Knee Sleeves.

No. 3 – Akatsuki Cloud – Villain Knee Sleeves

BRonze Award

Villain Knee Sleeves

JJR Rating: 9.0

Ideal For: Weight Lifting, Powerlifters

Sizes: 2XS – L

Thickness(mm): 7mm

Material: Neoprene

Key Benefits

  • Strong Knee Support
  • Cool Design
  • Good Price


Approximate Price – $70, £58


  • Good Comfort
  • Strong Support
  • Good Price


  • Too Stiff for Functional Workouts

My Take on These Sleeves

At a mid-range budget, these sleeves offer a good level of support and compression. The Akatsuki Cloud print is good quality. Bring the ‘Rain of Blood’ to your next heavy workout.

No. 4 – Jujutsu Kaisen – Divine

Best Dual Tone Design

Divine Knee Sleeves

JJR Rating: 9.0

Ideal For: Weight Lifting, Powerlifters

Sizes: XS – 3XL

Thickness(mm): 7mm

Material: Neoprene

Key Benefits

  • Powerful Knee Support
  • Stand-Out Design
  • Good Price


Approximate Price – $70, £58


  • Dual Tone Sleeves
  • Good Comfort
  • Strong Support
  • Good Size Range
  • Good Price


  • Too Stiff for Functional Workouts

My Take on These Sleeves

For a mid-budget set, you get an excellent stand-out design. These provide good support and compression for the cost. Harness the power of the Twin Wolves in your workout.

No. 5 – Bear KompleX – Lightning

Best Anime Alternative

Bear KompleX – Lightning

JJR Rating: 7.8

Ideal For: HYROX, Functional Training, Weight Lifting, Power lifting

Sizes: S – 2XL

Thickness(mm): 5 & 7mm

Material: Neoprene

Key Benefits

  • Cool Reversible Design
  • Cheap Price


Approximate Price – $55, £45


  • Low Price
  • Comfortable Fit
  • Reversible Design


  • Sizing Comes Up Large
  • Single Stitch Seams

My Take on These Sleeves

Cool Reversible design and a very comfortable fit. Although not technically Anime, these offer a great alternative at a lower price with good comfort and reversible design. Order a size smaller if you decide on these.

What are Anime Knee Sleeves?

Anime knee sleeves are a type of compression sleeve that features anime-inspired designs. They’re normally made from neoprene or a similar material and are designed to provide support and compression to the knee joint. Anime knee sleeves can be used for a variety of activities, including weightlifting, running, and other sports.

Why Should I Wear Anime Knee Sleeves?

There are several reasons why you might want to wear anime knee sleeves. They can help in the following ways:


Knee compression sleeves improve blood flow to the knee area. This warms up your knee joints quickly and reduces knee pain Think of it as giving your knees their own personal heaters—no electricity required.

Joint Support

Knee sleeves, especially those with anime designs, add an extra layer of support to the sides of your knee joints. This helps keep everything aligned. It’s like a straight line in geometry—no wobbles, no curves, just a clear path for your joints to move.

Injury Prevention

The main job of these knee sleeves is to keep you from getting hurt. By keeping your knees warm and your joints aligned, you’re less likely to suffer an injury. It’s your knee’s personal security system, minus the monthly fees.

Bounce Back

If you’re into activities like weightlifting or powerlifting, consider knee sleeves with a 7+mm thickness. They help you spring back up from a deep squat, giving you more power. The 5mm ones? Well, they’re good for moving around but don’t expect them to help you bounce like a basketball.

And remember, these sleeves are unisex. So they provide men’s and women’s knee support.

Expert Insights: How to Choose the Best Anime Knee Sleeves for Your Needs

You’ll want to consider all of the following key areas before committing to your sleeves;

  • Comfort: Becomes more important in higher rep range and longer workouts. Sleeves that are too tight or made from irritating materials can distract you during workouts, comfortable sleeves allow you to focus on your performance.
  • Support: Pick sleeves that offer right amount of support for the workout you’re gonna do. You’ll want thicker (7mm+) and more supportive sleeves for heavy lifts like 1 rep max squats and thinner sleeves (5mm- or less) with more movement for lighter workouts with larger range of motion such as box jumps.
  • Warmth: Sleeves should maintain good warmth. Keeping the knees warm helps in maintaining flexibility and reducing the risk of strains or sprains.
  • Compression: The right level of compression helps blood circulation, which can reduce inflammation and speed up recovery. It also provides a feeling of stability to the knee joint.
  • Mobility: This goes hand in hand with Support. You need to decide what the workout involves and how much range of motion you need. The thicker the sleeves the less mobility you have.
  • Value for Money: Consider the durability and quality in relation to the price. Sleeves that offer a better life span and maintain their supportive features over time give you better value.
  • Style: Since these are anime-themed, select a design that strikes a chord with your personal taste. The style can give you a psychological edge during your workout.

Picking The Right Size Anime Knee Sleeves

Here is how to make sure you get the right size sleeves;

Step 1: Get the Right Tool

First things first, grab a measuring tape. No, you can’t use your anime sword replica. Yes, I checked.

Step 2: Find the Right Spot

Check the sizing guide for your sleeves to see if the measurement is above, below, or across the knee.

Step 3: Put Your Leg in the Right Position – Straight or 30-Degree Bend

Again refer to the brand sizing guide but as a rule of thumb, most thick (7mm+) sleeves are measured with a straight leg while thin compression sleeves are measured with a 30-degree bend.

Step 4: Measure Your Knee – Snug and not Tight

Wrap the measuring tape around the chosen area. You’re aiming for a ‘friendly hug’ level of tightness—snug but not so tight that you’re re-enacting an anime chokehold.

Step 5: Pick from the Size Chart – Check the Brand Specific Chart

Once you have your measurement, check it against the measurements on the sizing chart to find the correct size for you.

Best Workout-Specific Anime Knee Sleeves

Powerlifting and Weightlifting:

CrossFit and HYROX:

Buyers Guide: How we Conducted our Research

When conducting our research to find the best Knee Sleeves, we determined using these factors:

  • Pricing: The cost of each knee sleeve set
  • Features: What were the best features of the knee sleeve set?
  • Negatives: What was missing/poor with each knee sleeve set
  • Support or refund: Do they offer a warranty or refund policy

Wrapping Up

Alright, aspiring ninjas and super Saiyans, it’s time to close this manga—I mean, article. We’ve charged our chakras, gone Super Saiyan, and yes, even cast a few jutsus to bring you the ultimate rundown of the 5 Best Anime Knee Sleeves to use during your Anime workouts.

Remember, not all knee sleeves are created equal. From Rogue Custom to Naruto – Anbu Pro Sleeves, we’ve covered the elite warriors of knee support. These sleeves are so good, you might just break into an impromptu ‘Naruto Run’ across your local gym.. Others, like the Akatsuki Cloud, bring a touch of villainous flair to your gym game.

When choosing your perfect knee guardian, don’t forget to consider the boring yet important stuff: comfort, support, warmth, and compression. It’s like choosing your favourite anime character; you’ve got to look beyond the flash and flair and see what they’re really made of.

Could you use even more support? Let’s throw some wrist wraps into the mix. Because who wouldn’t want to feel like they’ve got the arm power of Saitama from “One Punch Man”?

And if you’re looking to gather home gym essentials, we have you covered.

Once you have you training and equipment sorted be sure to maximise your motivation and inspiration,

Now go forth and lift heavy with stylish protection for your knees.

Till next time, stay animated!


What is a knee compression sleeve?

A knee compression sleeve is designed to provide support and reduce knee pain. These sleeves are often used in functional workouts.

Is a knee brace the same as a knee compression sleeve for knee pain?

No, while both offer support, a knee brace is generally bulkier and provides more rigid support compared to a knee compression sleeve, which is designed for more flexible support and range of motion.

What’s unique about anime knee compression sleeves?

Anime knee compression sleeves combine gym knee protection with your love for anime. They are basically workout accessories for women and men that turn your knee into a canvas for your favourite anime characters.

What are lifting straps?

Lifting straps are gym accessories that provide grip support during heavy lifting. These can be a great addition to your gym accessories set, especially when paired with anime knee sleeves.

How do customer reviews help?

Customer reviews offer insights into the effectiveness, comfort, and durability of products, including knee sleeves for weightlifting.

Can I pair knee sleeves and wrist wraps?

Absolutely! Pairing knee sleeves with wrist wraps offers great support for men and women and is common practice for many athletes and fitness enthusiasts. The combination offers great support, improving both wrist and knee stability during various exercises. This can be particularly useful in activities such as bodybuilding and Olympic lifting, where both joint support and grip strength are key for performance and injury prevention.

How do I clean my knee sleeves?

Hand-washed and air-dried knee sleeves will keep fresh and last longer. Machine-washed sleeves become damaged and ineffective.

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